Cash For Gold



Cash for Gold

 1. First, Go to the people you trust!!!! You Trust Triple J. Jewelry for when you get married, an anniversary, or for your holiday needs. So why not trust us for buying your used jewelry.

2. Please DO NOT go to someone that is not a jeweler  Or these "precious metals dealers" these people are open today and will be closed tomorrow. Trust the people that you have trusted, and know that they will be there for you in the years to come.

3. You receive your payment in cash and on the spot.  No waiting, no games just cash for your jewelry…

4. See what items you may want fixed.. You may just need a clasp or a ring and then you can be wearing that bracelet or chain...

5. We buy all gold, silver and diamonds and as always free appraisal on all itmes....



Understandig the Value Of Your Jewelry 

Please understand the value of your jewelry goes by the weight of the gold and by the karat of gold. The higher karat of gold the

more money you will get. Silver also goes by just the weight. Diamonds and Gemstones go by the carat size and quality of the stone. 



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